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Writing in Blood. Three days of conversations, lectures and events from Édouard Louis's writing and work

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What does it mean to be a political writer? How do you write in a violent world, about loss and grief, buht also about beauty and love?

Writers Anne Carson, Sofi Oksanen, Alan Hollinghurst, Maaza Mengiste and Didier Eribon join Édouard Louis in delving into these and other questions when the House of Literature hosts three days of lectures, conversations and performances, branching out from themes central to the writing of Louis and those of the other star guests: Violence, class, racism, homophobia, liberation and transformation.

Friday 18.11 at 18.00: A Manifesto for the Working Class. Lecture by Édouard Louis. Followed by a Q&A lead by Andreas Delsett
An original lecture by Louis about the struggles and aspirations of the working class.

Friday 18.11 at 20.00: Who is killing us: Literature and the unveiling of power. Édouard Louis and Sofi Oksanen in conversation with Ane Farsethås
A conversation between two politically active writers - both on and off the pages - about power, politics and writing the truth.

Saturday 19.11 at 15.00: Writing the Unheard-of: The History of Violence and the writer’s place in a violent world. Lecture by Maaza Mengiste. Introduction by Édouard Louis
In this personal lecture, Mengiste will talk about her relationship to Louis’s novel and give us her own reflections on the writer’s place in a violent world.

Saturday 19.11 at 17.00: Watches that gain time: Édouard Louis and the politics of literature. Lecture by Didier Eribon
Writer and thinker Didier Eribon gives his view on Louis's authorship and explores the many ways in which his literature overlaps with the political and translates to real political power.

Saturday 19.11 at 18.00: The Great Escape? Class, Culture and Friendship in Change: Method. Lecture by Alan Hollinghurst
In this personal lecture, Hollinghurst shares his reading of Louis's book Change: Method, and reflections on shared themes such as class, culture and sexuality.

Saturday 19.11 at 19.00: Friends of Dorothy: Gay literature and Experience. Édouard Louis and Alan Hollinghurst in conversation with Knut Olav Åmås
A conversation between Hollinghurst and Louis about their relationship to each other’s books, about the role of gay literature and the plight of the gay writer.

Sunday 20.11 at 18.00: He Lets in The Night. A performance with Édouard Louis and Anne Carson. With music by Sandra Kolstad. Followed by a Q&A lead by Linn Ullmann
In this performance, Carson and Louis and their texts will meet onstage for an exploration of loss and grief, memories, ambivalence and enduring love.


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